Antonio Filippin
Research Fellow

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Filippin Antonio Filippin studied Economics first at Bocconi Universtiy, where he received both the Laurea cum laude and the Master Degree, and then at the European University Institute, where in 2003 he completed the PhD program in Economics defending a dissertation on the role of workers' expectations in explaining the persistence of discrimination.
Antonio is currently Associate Professor at the University of Milan, where he teaches 'Microeconomics' and 'Decision Theory and Behavioral Economics'.
His main research interests are in Behavioral and Experimental Economics, with a particular interest in the measurement of individual preferences.
He joined IZA as a Research Affiliate in October 2002 and became a Research Fellow in July 2005.
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IZA World of Labor article: Gender differences in risk attitudes
IZA Discussion Papers:
No. Author(s)
10793  Paolo Crosetto
Antonio Filippin
Safe Options Induce Gender Differences in Risk Attitudes
10792  Antonio Filippin
Francesca Gioia
Competition and Subsequent Risk-Taking Behaviour: Heterogeneity across Gender and Outcomes
9030  Antonio Filippin
Paolo Crosetto
Click'n'Roll: No Evidence of Illusion of Control
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Antonio Filippin
The Sound of Others: Surprising Evidence of Conformist Behavior
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Paolo Crosetto
A Reconsideration of Gender Differences in Risk Attitudes
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Antonio Filippin
Paolo Vanin
Economic Behavior under Alcohol Influence: An Experiment on Time, Risk, and Social Preferences
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6710  Paolo Crosetto
Antonio Filippin
The "Bomb" Risk Elicitation Task
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6387  Antonio Filippin
Jan C. van Ours
Run for Fun: Intrinsic Motivation and Physical Performance
(revised version published as “Positive Assortative Matching: Evidence from Sports Data”, Industrial Relations, 54(3), 401-421)
6187  Antonio Filippin
Francesco Guala
Costless Discrimination and Unequal Achievements in a Labour Market Experiment
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6117  Antonio Filippin
Marco Paccagnella
Family Background, Self-Confidence and Economic Outcomes
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4490  Antonio Filippin
Can Workers' Expectations Account for the Persistence of Discrimination?
3599  Massimiliano Bratti
Daniele Checchi
Antonio Filippin
Should You Compete or Cooperate with Your Schoolmates?
(revised version published in: Education Economics, 2011, 19 (3), 275-289)
2603  Massimiliano Bratti
Daniele Checchi
Antonio Filippin
Territorial Differences in Italian Students’ Mathematical Competencies: Evidence from PISA 2003
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Antonio Filippin
An Experimental Study of the POUM Hypothesis
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825  Antonio Filippin
Andrea Ichino
Gender Wage Gap in Expectations and Realizations
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824  Antonio Filippin
Discrimination and Workers' Expectations: Experimental Evidence
823  Antonio Filippin
Discrimination and Workers' Expectations