Robert W. Fairlie
Research Fellow

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too h Fairlie Robert Fairlie is Professor and Chair of Economics at the University of California, Santa Cruz. His research interests include entrepreneurship, education, information technology, inequality, labor economics, and immigration. He has published over 70 journal articles and book chapters, two academic books, and numerous government and foundation reports. He received his Ph.D. and M.A. from Northwestern University and B.A. with honors from Stanford University. He has held visiting positions at Yale University, UC Berkeley, Australian National University, and the Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA). He has received funding for his research from numerous government agencies and foundations. He has testified to the U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Department of Treasury, and the California State Assembly regarding the findings from his research, and received a joint resolution from the California Legislature.

He joined IZA as a Research Fellow in May 2004.
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IZA Discussion Papers:
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11258  Robert W. Fairlie
Frank M. Fossen
Opportunity versus Necessity Entrepreneurship: Two Components of Business Creation
10398  Robert W. Fairlie
Ariel Kalil
The Effects of Computers on Children's Social Development and School Participation: Evidence from a Randomized Control Experiment
9848  Robert W. Fairlie
Javier Miranda
Taking the Leap: The Determinants of Entrepreneurs Hiring their First Employee
9761  Kenneth A. Couch
Robert W. Fairlie
Huanan Xu
Racial Differences in Labor Market Transitions and the Great Recession
9432  George Bulman
Robert W. Fairlie
Technology and Education: Computers, Software, and the Internet
9302  Robert W. Fairlie
Do Boys and Girls Use Computers Differently, and Does It Contribute to Why Boys Do Worse in School than Girls?
8367  Robert W. Fairlie
Dean Karlan
Jonathan Zinman
Behind the GATE Experiment: Evidence on Effects of and Rationales for Subsidized Entrepreneurship Training
7785  Robert W. Fairlie
Kanika Kapur
Susan Gates
Job Lock: Evidence from a Regression Discontinuity Design
7764  Robert W. Fairlie
Samantha H. Grunberg
Access to Technology and the Transfer Function of Community Colleges: Evidence from a Field Experiment
7669  Robert W. Fairlie
Magnus Lofstrom
Immigration and Entrepreneurship
(published in: Barry Chiswick and Paul Miller (eds.), Handbook on the Economics of International Immigration, 1B, Elsevier, 2015)
7298  Aaron K. Chatterji
Kenneth Y. Chay
Robert W. Fairlie
The Impact of City Contracting Set-Asides on Black Self-Employment and Employment
7211  Robert W. Fairlie
Jonathan Robinson
Experimental Evidence on the Effects of Home Computers on Academic Achievement among Schoolchildren
(published in: American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, 2013, 5(3), 211-240)
5983  Robert W. Fairlie
Florian Hoffmann
Philip Oreopoulos
A Community College Instructor Like Me: Race and Ethnicity Interactions in the Classroom
(published in: American Economic Review, 2014, 104 (8), 2567-2591)
5726  Robert W. Fairlie
Aaron K. Chatterji
High-Technology Entrepreneurship in Silicon Valley
(published in: Journal of Economics and Management Strategy, 2013, 22 (2), 365-389)
5725  Robert W. Fairlie
Entrepreneurship, Economic Conditions, and the Great Recession
(published in: Journal of Economics and Management Strategy, 2013, 22 (2), 207-231)
5203  Robert W. Fairlie
Kanika Kapur
Susan Gates
Is Employer-Based Health Insurance a Barrier to Entrepreneurship?
(published in: Journal of Health Economics, 2011, 30 (1), 146-162)
4052  Robert W. Fairlie
Alicia Robb
Entrepreneurship, Self-Employment and Business Data: An Introduction to Several Large, Nationally-Representative Datasets
3718  Robert W. Fairlie
Alicia Robb
Gender Differences in Business Performance: Evidence from the Characteristics of Business Owners Survey
(published in: Small Business Economics, 2009, 33 (4), 375-395)
3713  Kenneth A. Couch
Robert W. Fairlie
Last Hired, First Fired? Black-White Unemployment and the Business Cycle
(published as 'Black-White Unemployment and the Business Cycle' in: Demography, 2010, 47 (1), 227-247)
3708  Robert W. Fairlie
Rebecca A. London
Race, Ethnicity and the Dynamics of Health Insurance Coverage
(published in: Research in Labor Economics, 29, 2009, 335 - 373)
3488  Robert W. Fairlie
Christopher Woodruff
Mexican-American Entrepreneurship
2566  Alicia Robb
Robert W. Fairlie
Determinants of Business Success: An Examination of Asian-Owned Businesses in the United States
(published in: Journal of Population Economics, 2009, 22 (4), 827-858)
2206  Menzie D. Chinn
Robert W. Fairlie
ICT Use in the Developing World: An Analysis of Differences in Computer and Internet Penetration
2201  Robert W. Fairlie
Harry A. Krashinsky
Liquidity Constraints, Household Wealth, and Entrepreneurship Revisited
(published in: Review of Income and Wealth, 2012, 58 (2), 279-306)
2039  Robert W. Fairlie
Christopher Woodruff
Mexican Entrepreneurship: A Comparison of Self-Employment in Mexico and the United States
(published in: G. Borjas (ed.), Mexican Immigration in the United States, NBER-C, 2007, 123-158)
1917  Robert W. Fairlie
An Extension of the Blinder-Oaxaca Decomposition Technique to Logit and Probit Models
(published in: Journal of Economic and Social Measurement, 2005, 30(4), 305-316)
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Daniel O. Beltran
Kuntal K. Das
Robert W. Fairlie
Do Home Computers Improve Educational Outcomes? Evidence from Matched Current Population Surveys and the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth 1997
(published as 'Home Computers and Educational Outcomes: Evidence from the NLSY97 and CPS ' in: Economic Inquiry, 2010, 48 (3), 771-792)
1305  Menzie D. Chinn
Robert W. Fairlie
The Determinants of the Global Digital Divide: A Cross-Country Analysis of Computer and Internet Penetration
(published in: Oxford Economic Papers, 2007, 59 (1), 16-44)
1296  Robert W. Fairlie
Alicia Robb
Families, Human Capital, and Small Business: Evidence from the Characteristics of Business Owners Survey
(published in: Industrial and Labor Relations Review, 2007, 60 (2), 225-245)
1292  Robert W. Fairlie
Alicia Robb
Why Are Black-Owned Businesses Less Successful than White-Owned Businesses? The Role of Families, Inheritances, and Business Human Capital
(published in: Journal of Labor Economics, 2007, 25 (2), 289-323)