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Research Fellow

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too w Smith Jeffrey Smith is Professor of Economics at the University of Wisconsin. He received his Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Chicago in 1996. Prior to joining the Wisconsin faculty he taught at the University of Michigan from 2005-2017, at the University of Maryland from 2001-2005 and at the University of Western Ontario from 1994-2001.

His research centers on methods for the evaluation of social programs such as job training for the disadvantaged. He has also written papers examining the labor market effects of university quality and the use of statistical treatment rules to assign persons to government programs. Recent publications include "Substitution and Dropout Bias in Social Experiments: A Study of An Influential Social Experiment" (with James Heckman, Neil Hohmann and Michael Khoo), Quarterly Journal of Economics 2000, "The Economics and Econometrics of Active Labor Market Programmes" (with James Heckman and Robert LaLonde) in the Handbook of Labor Economics, Volume 3A 1999, and "The Pre-Programme Earnings Dip and the Determinants of Participation in a Social Programme: Implications for Simple Programme Evaluation Strategies" (with James Heckman), Economic Journal 1999 (winner of Royal Economic Society prize for article in the Economic Journal in 1999).

He joined IZA as a Research Fellow in October 1999.
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IZA Discussion Papers:
No. Author(s)
10108  Jeffrey A. Smith
Arthur Sweetman
Viewpoint: Estimating the Causal Effects of Policies and Programs
(Published as: Smith, Jeffrey and Arthur Sweetman, 2016. “Estimating the Causal Effect of Policies and Programs” Canadian Journal of Economics 49 (3): 871–905.)
9346  Dan A. Black
Joonhwi Joo
Robert J. LaLonde
Jeffrey A. Smith
Evan J. Taylor
Simple Tests for Selection Bias: Learning More from Instrumental Variables
9080  Eleanor Dillon
Jeffrey A. Smith
The Consequences of Academic Match between Students and Colleges
7621  Fredrik Andersson
Harry J. Holzer
Julia Lane
David Rosenblum
Jeffrey A. Smith
Does Federally-Funded Job Training Work? Nonexperimental Estimates of WIA Training Impacts Using Longitudinal Data on Workers and Firms
5897  Alastair Muriel
Jeffrey A. Smith
On Educational Performance Measures
(published in: Fiscal Studies, 2011, 32(2), 187-206)
5491  Peter Dolton
Jeffrey A. Smith
The Impact of the UK New Deal for Lone Parents on Benefit Receipt
3362  Habiba Djebbari
Jeffrey A. Smith
Heterogeneous Impacts in PROGRESA
(published in: Journal of Econometrics, 2008, 145 (1-2), 64-80)
3095  Jose C. Galdo
Jeffrey A. Smith
Dan A. Black
Bandwidth Selection and the Estimation of Treatment Effects with Unbalanced Data
(published in: Annales d'Economie et Statistique, 2008, 91-92, 189-216)
1717  Jeremy Lise
Shannon Seitz
Jeffrey A. Smith
Evaluating Search and Matching Models Using Experimental Data
798  James J. Heckman
Jeffrey A. Smith
The Determinants of Participation in a Social Program: Evidence from a Prototypical Job Training Program
(published in: Journal of Labor Economics, 2004, 22 (2), 243-298)
758  Jeremy Lise
Shannon Seitz
Jeffrey A. Smith
Equilibrium Policy Experiments and the Evaluation of Social Programs
728  Michael Lechner
Jeffrey A. Smith
What is the Value Added by Caseworkers?
(published in: Labour Economics, 2007, 14 (2), 135-151)
525  James J. Heckman
Carolyn J. Heinrich
Jeffrey A. Smith
The Performance of Performance Standards
(published in: Journal of Human Resources, 2002, 37(4), 778-811)