Stephen Machin
Research Fellow

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Machin Stephen Machin is Professor of Economics at University College London and Research Director of the Centre for Economic Performance at the London School of Economics. He is currently one of the Editors of the Economic Journal. Previously he has been visiting Professor at Harvard University (1993/4) and at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2001/2). He is an independent member of the Low Pay Commission in the UK and a Fellow of the British Academy. He has been President of the European Association of Labor Economists (2009-11) and is a Fellow of the Society of Labor Economists.

He joined IZA as a Research Fellow in November 2002.
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IZA Discussion Papers:
No. Author(s)
9955  Stephen Machin
Sandra McNally
Martina Viarengo
"Teaching to Teach" Literacy
9914  Brian Bell
Stephen Machin
Minimum Wages and Firm Value
9276  Andrew Eyles
Stephen Machin
The Introduction of Academy Schools to England's Education
9109  Mirko Draca
Theodore Koutmeridis
Stephen Machin
The Changing Returns to Crime: Do Criminals Respond to Prices?
8332  Brian Bell
Anna Bindler
Stephen Machin
Crime Scars: Recessions and the Making of Career Criminals
7600  Joanne Lindley
Stephen Machin
Spatial Changes in Labour Market Inequality
(published in: Journal of Urban Economics, 2014, 79, 121-138)
6582  Stephen Machin
Olivier Marie
Sun?ica Vuji?
Youth Crime and Education Expansion
(published in: German Economic Review (Special Issue on Economics of Crime), 2012, 13, 366-84)
6581  Joanne Lindley
Stephen Machin
The Quest for More and More Education: Implications for Social Mobility
(published in: Fiscal Studies, 2012, 33 (2), 265 - 286)
6205  Brian Bell
Stephen Machin
Immigrant Enclaves and Crime
(published in: Journal of Regional Science, 2013, 53 (1), 118141)
5981  Joanne Lindley
Stephen Machin
Rising Wage Inequality and Postgraduate Education
(published as 'The Rising Postgraduate Wage Premium' in: Economica, 2016, 83, 281-306 )
5018  Francis Green
Stephen Machin
Richard J. Murphy
Yu Zhu
The Changing Economic Advantage from Private School
(published in: Economica, 2012, 79 (316), 658679)
This paper has repeatedly been among the Top 10 monthly downloads. 
Stephen Machin
Olivier Marie
Sun?ica Vuji?
The Crime Reducing Effect of Education
(published in: Economic Journal, 2011, 121 (552), 463-484)
4996  Brian Bell
Stephen Machin
Francesco Fasani
Crime and Immigration: Evidence from Large Immigrant Waves
(published in: Review of Economics and Statistics, 2013, 95, 1278-90)
4719  Stephen Machin
Kjell G. Salvanes
Valuing School Quality via a School Choice Reform
(published in: Scandinavian Journal of Economics, 2016, 118, 3-24)
3866  Francis Kramarz
Stephen Machin
Amine Ouazad
What Makes a Test Score? The Respective Contributions of Pupils, Schools, and Peers in Achievement in English Primary Education
(published as 'Using Compulsory Mobility to Identify School Quality and Peer Effects' in: Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics, 2015, 77(4), 566587)
3845  Stephen Machin
Panu Pelkonen
Kjell G. Salvanes
Education and Mobility
(published in: Journal of the European Economic Association, 2011, 10 (2), 417-50.)
3410  Mirko Draca
Stephen Machin
Robert Witt
Panic on the Streets of London: Police, Crime and the July 2005 Terror Attacks
(published in: American Economic Review, 2011, 101 (5), 2157-2181)
2653  Stephen Machin
Sandra McNally
Costas Meghir
Resources and Standards in Urban Schools
(published in: Journal of Human Capital, 2010, 4 (4), 365-393)
This paper has repeatedly been among the Top 10 monthly downloads. 
Stephen Machin
Sandra McNally
Olmo Silva
New Technology in Schools: Is There a Payoff?
(published in: Economic Journal, 2007, 117 (522), 1145-1167)
2214  Stephen Gibbons
Stephen Machin
Olmo Silva
Choice, Competition and Pupil Achievement
(published in: Journal of the European Economic Association, 2008, 6 (4), 912-947)
1913  Mirko Draca
Stephen Machin
John Van Reenen
Minimum Wages and Firm Profitability
(published in: American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, 2011, 3 (1), 121-159)
1853  Stephen Machin
Olivier Marie
Crime and Police Resources: The Street Crime Initiative
(published in: Journal of the European Economic Association, 2011, 9 (4), 678 - 701)
This paper has repeatedly been among the Top 10 monthly downloads. 
Stephen Machin
Sandra McNally
The Literacy Hour
(published in: Journal of Public Economics, 2008, 92 (5-6), 1441-1462)
553  Stephen Machin
Patrick A. Puhani
Subject of Degree and the Gender Wage Differential: Evidence from the UK and Germany
(published in: Economics Letters; 2003, 79 (3), 393-400)