Janneke Pieters
Research Fellow

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too w Pieters Janneke Pieters is Assistant Professor at Wageningen University. She completed her PhD at the University of Groningen in 2011 and was visiting researcher at the University of Goettingen in 2009.

Her main research interests are employment and inequality in developing countries, women's economic empowerment, and international trade.

Janneke became Research Associate at IZA in September 2011, and Deputy Program Director for the special Program "Growth and Labour Markets in Low Income Countries" until she moved to Wageningen University in 2014.
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IZA World of Labor article: Trade liberalization and gender inequality
IZA Discussion Papers:
No. Author(s)
10552  Krisztina Kis-Katos
Janneke Pieters
Robert Sparrow
Globalization and Social Change: Gender-Specific Effects of Trade Liberalization in Indonesia
10021  Janneke Pieters
Samantha Rawlings
Parental Unemployment and Child Health in China
7597  Stephan Klasen
Janneke Pieters
What Explains the Stagnation of Female Labor Force Participation in Urban India?
(published in: World Bank Econ Rev, 2015, 29(3), 449-478)
6890  Costanza Biavaschi
Werner Eichhorst
Corrado Giulietti
Michael J. Kendzia
Alexander Muravyev
Janneke Pieters
Núria Rodríguez-Planas
Ricarda Schmidl
Klaus F. Zimmermann
Youth Unemployment and Vocational Training
(substantially revised version published in: Foundations and Trends in Microeconomics, 2013, 9 (1-2), 1-157 [journal version])
6809  Isis Gaddis
Janneke Pieters
Trade Liberalization and Female Labor Force Participation: Evidence from Brazil
(published in: Journal of Human Resources, 2017, 52(2), 457-490)
6785  Ana Isabel Moreno-Monroy
Janneke Pieters
Abdul Azeez Erumban
Subcontracting and the Size and Composition of the Informal Sector: Evidence from Indian Manufacturing
(published as 'Formal Sector Subcontracting and Informal Sector Employment in Indian Manufacturing' in: IZA Journal of Labor & Development, 2014, 3(22))
6395  Stephan Klasen
Janneke Pieters
Push or Pull? Drivers of Female Labor Force Participation during India's Economic Boom
IZA Research Reports:
Janneke Pieters
Report No. 58: Youth Employment in Developing Countries
Background report prepared for the European Commission, Bonn 2013 (41 pages)