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2nd IZA Workshop: Gender and Family Economics, Joint with Barnard College

Organizers: Deborah A. Cobb-Clark (University of Sydney and IZA), Ahmed Elsayed (IZA), Daniel S. Hamermesh (Barnard College and IZA)
Location:Barnard College, Diana Center, 3009 Broadway, New York
Date:April 20, 2018 - April 21, 2018

Event Manager:

Dominik Spitza (IZA)


+++ presentation: 30 min +++ floor discussion: 10 min +++

Friday, April 20:

08:30 - 09:00   Registration
09:00 - 09:10   Welcome by
Deborah A. Cobb-Clark (University of Sydney and IZA)
Ahmed Elsayed
Linda A. Bell (Barnard College and IZA)
09:10 - 11:10   Parallel Session 1
        A: Gender and High Skill
  Chair: Barbara Petrongolo (Queen Mary, University of London and IZA)
    Linda A. Bell (Barnard College and IZA)
  "Women-led Firms and the Gender Gap in Executive Pay"
    Pallab Ghosh (University of Oklahoma)
  "A Study of Long-Run Substitutability between Men and Women"
    Henry E. Siu (University of British Columbia), Guido Matias Cortes (York University), Nir Jaimovich (University of Zurich)
  "The 'End of Men' and Rise of Women in the High-skilled Labor Market"
        B: Household Bargaining
  Chair: Robert Pollak (Washington University, St. Louis and IZA)
    Wolfgang Keller (University of Colorado, Boulder), Hale Utar (University of Bielefeld)
  "Globalization, Gender and the Family"
    Rebecca Lehrman (Duke University)
  "Whose Career Comes First? Household Bargaining and Joint Career Migration among Medical Couples"
    Melanie Wasserman (University of California, Los Angeles)
  "Hours Constraints, Occupational Choice and Gender: Evidence from Medical Residents"
11:10 - 11:30   Coffee Break
        Keynote Lecture
11:30 - 12:20   Catherine Coleman Eckel (Texas A&M University)
  "Gender Differences: What Have We Learned from 25 Years of Experimental Research?"
12:20 - 13:30   Lunch
13:30 - 15:30   Parallel Session 2
        A: Political Empowerment
  Chair: Ahmed Elsayed (IZA)
    Audinga Baltrunaite (Bank of Italy), Alessandra Casarico (University of Bocconi), Paola Profeta (University of Bocconi), Giulia Savio (Università della Svizzera Italiana)
  "Let the Voters Choose Women"
    Pamela Campa (University of Calgary), Manuel F. Bagues (Aalto University and IZA)
  "Can Gender Quotas in Candidate Lists Empower Women? Evidence from a Regression Discontinuity Design"
    Damian Clarke (Universidad de Santiago de Chile), Sonia R. Bhalotra (University of Essex and IZA), Joseph Gomes (University of Navarra), Atheendar Venkataramani (Massachusetts General Hospital)
  "Women's Political Voice and Maternal Mortality"
        B: Gender in Economics and Academia
  Chair: Daniel S. Hamermesh (Barnard College and IZA)
    Cher H Li (Colorado State University)
  "Do Mentoring, Information and Nudge Reduce the Gender Gap in Economics Majors?"
    Hani Mansour (University of Colorado Denver and IZA), Daniel I. Rees (University of Colorado, Denver and IZA), Bryson M. Rintala (United States Airforce Academy), Nathan Wozny (United States Airforce Academy)
  "The Effects of Professor Gender on the Post-graduation Outcomes of Female Students"
    Jenna Stearns (University of California, Davis), Heather Antecol (Claremont McKenna College and IZA), Kelly Bedard (University of California, Santa Barbara and IZA)
  "Equal but Inequitable: Who Benefits from Gender-neutral Tenure Clock Stopping Policies?"
15:30 - 16:30   Coffee Break and Poster Session
    Sandra Aguilar Gomez (Columbia University), Anja Tolonen (Barnard College)
  "Norms Formation: The Gold Rush and Women's Roles"
    Nico Pestel (IZA)
  "Searching on Campus? Marriage Market Effects of the Student Gender Composition"
    Nathan Wozny (U.S. Air Force Academy), Nan L. Maxwell (Mathematica Policy Research)
  "Gender Gaps in Time Use and Labor Market Outcomes: What’s Norms Got to Do with It?"
16:30 - 18:30   Parallel Session 3
        A: Gender Issues in Developing Countries
  Chair: Belinda Archibong (Barnard College)
    George S Naufal (Texas A&M University and IZA), Aastha Rajan (Texas A&M University)
  "Inter-spousal Communication in Consanguineous Marriages: Evidence from Egypt"
    Leila Salarpour Goodarzi (Binghamton University, New York)
  "Mahr and Divorce: An Islamic Marriage Concept and Its Effects on Intrahousehold Bargaining Power of Couples"
    Anja Tolonen (Barnard College), Carolin Sjöholm (University of Gothenburg), Eeshani Kandpal (World Bank)
  "Asymmetric Information in the Household: Fathers and Child Welfare"
        B: Policy and Labor Supply
  Chair: Sharon Harrison (Barnard College)
    Kelly Bedard (University of California, Santa Barbara and IZA), Sarah Bana (University of California, Santa Barbara), Maya Rossin-Slater (Stanford University)
  "The Impacts of Paid Family Leave Benefits: Regression Kink Evidence from California Administrative Data"
    Diana Kruger (Universidad Adolfo Ibañez and IZA), Matias Berthelon (Universidad Adolfo Ibañez), Carlos Zamora (Universidad Adolfo Ibañez)
  "Longer School Schedules, Child Care, and Mothers’ Employment Quality: Evidence from a School Reform in Chile"
    Silvia Muzi (World Bank), Asif Islam (World Bank), Mohammad Amin (World Bank)
  "Unequal Laws and the Disempowerment of Women in the Labor Market: Evidence from Firm-level Data"
19:00       Dinner (by invitation only)

Saturday, April 21:

08:45 - 10:45   Parallel Session 4
        A: Mothers in the Labor Market
  Chair: Daniel S. Hamermesh (Barnard College and IZA)
    Jacob Bastian (University of Chicago)
  "The Rise of Working Mothers and the 1975 Earned Income Tax Credit"
    María Padilla-Romo (University of Tennessee), Francisco Cabrera-Hernández (CREFAL)
  "The Effect of Children's Time in School on Mothers' Labor Supply: Evidence from Mexico's Full-time Schools Program"
    Daniela Vuri (University of Rome Tor Vergata and IZA)
  "Joint Custody Law and Mothers’ Labor Market Outcomes: Evidence from the US"
        B: Crime and Risky Behaviors
  Chair: Deborah A. Cobb-Clark (University of Sydney and IZA)
    Randi Hjalmarsson (University of Gothenburg), Anna Bindler (University of Gothenburg)
  "The Persistence of the Criminal Justice Gender Gap: Evidence from 200 Years of Judicial Decisions"
    Anna Sanz-de-Galdeano (Universidad de Alicante and IZA), Núria Rodríguez-Planas (Queens College, CUNY and IZA), Anastasia Terskaya (University of Alicante)
  "Gender Norms and the Gender Gap in Risky Behaviors and Later-life Outcomes: Longitudinal Evidence for the US"
    Maria Sviatschi (Columbia University), Guadalupe E. Kavanaugh (Rutgers University), Iva Trako (Paris School of Economics)
  "Inter-generational Benefits of Improving Access to Justice for Women: Evidence from Peru"
10:45 - 11:00   Coffee Break
        Keynote Lecture
11:00 - 11:50   Barbara Petrongolo (Queen Mary, University of London and IZA)
  "Economic Incentives and Gender Identity"
11:50 - 12:40   Lunch
12:40 - 13:40   Poster Session
    Breno Braga (Urban Institute and IZA)
  "The Effects of Unilateral Trade Liberalization on Marriage and Fertility Choices: Evidence from Brazil"
    Elizabeth Doran (Columbia University), Ann Bartel (Columbia University), Christopher Ruhm (University of Virginia and IZA), Jane Waldfogel (Columbia University and IZA)
  "The Effects of California’s Paid Family Leave Law on Maternal Psychological Health"
    Ulrike Unterhofer (University of Basel), Katharina Wrohlich (DIW Berlin)
  "Fathers, Parental Leave and Gender Norms"
    So Yoon Ahn (Columbia University)
  "Matching across Markets: Theory and Evidence on Cross-border Marriage"
13:40 - 15:40   Parallel Session 5
        A: Gender Wage Gap
  Chair: Homa Zarghamee (Barnard College)
    Shushanik Hakobyan (International Monetary Fund), John McLaren (University of Virginia)
  "NAFTA and the Gender Wage Gap"
    Paul Oyer (Stanford University and IZA), Cody Cook (Uber Technologies, Inc.), Rebecca Diamond (Stanford University), Jonathan Hall (Uber Technologies, Inc.), John A. List (University of Chicago and IZA)
  "The Gender Earnings Gap in the Gig Economy: Evidence from over a Million Uber Drivers"
    Giannina Vaccaro (University of California, Irvine)
  "Using Econometrics to Reduce Gender Discrimination: Evidence from a Difference-in-Discontinuity Design"
        B: Education and Gender
  Chair: Catherine Coleman Eckel (Texas A&M University)
    Valerie Bostwick (Ohio State University), Bruce A. Weinberg (Ohio State University and IZA)
  "Nevertheless She Persisted? Gender Peer Effects in Doctoral STEM Programs"
    Jay K. Walker (Old Dominion University), Michael Jetter (University of Western Australia and IZA)
  "Gender Differences in Competitiveness and Risk-taking for Children, Teenagers, and College Students: Evidence from Jeopardy!"
    Esmée Zwiers (Erasmus University Rotterdam), Anne C. Gielen (Erasmus University Rotterdam and IZA)
  "Biology and the Gender Gap in Educational Performance - The Role of Prenatal Testosterone in Test Scores"