1st IZA/OECD Workshop: Labor Market Monopsony and Its Regulation
November 10, 2023

1st IZA/OECD Workshop: Labor Market Monopsony and Its Regulation

November 10, 2023
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Organizers: Andrea Bassanini (OECD and IZA), Pierre Cahuc (Sciences Po, Paris and IZA), Stéphane Carcillo (OECD and IZA), Werner Eichhorst (IZA), Olga Nottmeyer (IZA)
Event Manager: Viola Hartmann

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The IZA/OECD workshops aim to increase synergies between researchers and OECD experts to promote the societal impact of academic research and the relevance of expertise. These workshops are organized twice a year and focus on topics of particular importance to the economy and society. They bring together researchers from the IZA network, OECD experts and policymakers. They take place by videoconference, over half a day, with presentations by experts, researchers and discussions with policymakers.


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+++ presentation: 20 minutes +++ floor discussion: 5 minutes +++

Friday, November 10

13:50 - 13:55

Meet & Greet

13:55 - 14:00

Opening remarks
Stefano Scarpetta (Director of the Employment, Labor and Social Affairs, OECD and IZA)
Pierre Cahuc (Sciences Po, Paris and IZA)


Session 1: OECD Work on Labor Market Monopsony

Chair: Pierre Cahuc (Sciences Po, Paris and IZA)

14:00 - 14:25

Andrea Bassanini (OECD and IZA), Giulia Bovini (Bank of Italy), Eve Caroli (University Paris Dauphine and IZA), Jorge Casanova Ferrando (Compass Lexecon and Fedea), Federico Cingano (Bank of Italy), Paolo Falco (University of Copenhagen), Florentino Felgueroso (Fedea), Marcel Jansen (Autonomous University of Madrid and IZA), Pedro Martins (Nova School of Business and Economics and IZA), António Melo (University Paris Dauphine), Michael Oberfichtner (IAB and IZA), Martin Popp (IAB)
"Labor Market Concentration, Wages and Job Security in Europe"

14:25 - 14:50

Andrea Garnero (OECD and IZA), Tito Boeri (Bocconi University and IZA), Lorenzo Luisetto (University of Michigan)
"Non-compete Agreements in a Rigid Labor Market: The Case of Italy"

14:50 - 15:00



Session 2: Recent Perspectives on Labor Market Monopsony

Chair: Andrea Bassanini (OECD and IZA)

15:00 - 15:25

Samuel Dodini (Norwegian School of Economics), Michael Lovenheim (Brooks School of Public Policy), Kjell Salvanes (Norwegian School of Economics and IZA), Alexander Willén (Norwegian School of Economics)
"Monopsony, Job Tasks, and Labor Market Concentration"

15:25 - 15:50

Elke J. Jahn (University of Bayreuth and IZA), Boris Hirsch (Leuphana University of Lüneburg and IZA), Alan Manning (London School of Economics), Michael Oberfichtner (IAB and IZA)
"The Wage Elasticity of Recruitment"

15:50 - 16:00


16:00 - 17:00

Panel Discussion: Regulation and Enforcement of Competition in the Labor Market

Chair: Stéphane Carcillo (OECD and IZA)



Final remarks
Stéphane Carcillo (OECD and IZA)


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