IZA - Conference Program


2nd IZA Labor Statistics Workshop: The Returns to Skill in the Labor Market

Organizers: Katharine G. Abraham (University of Maryland and IZA), Susan N. Houseman (Upjohn Institute for Employment Research and IZA)
Location:IZA, Schaumburg-Lippe-Str. 5-9, 53113 Bonn, Germany
Date:April 26, 2018 - April 27, 2018

Event Manager:

Viola Hartmann (IZA)


+++ presentation: 30 minutes +++ discussion: 15 minutes +++

Thursday, April 26:

08:30 - 08:45   Registration
08:45 - 09:00   Welcome and Introductions
09:00 - 09:45   Damon Morris (University of Sheffield), Andy Dickerson (University of Sheffield)
  "The Changing Demand for Skills in the UK"
09:45 - 10:30   Felix Schran (University of Bonn), Michael J. Böhm (University of Bonn and IZA), Hans-Martin von Gaudecker (University of Bonn and IZA)
  "Task Prices, Sector Growth, and Skill Selection: Evidence from a New Estimation Method"
10:30 - 11:00   Coffee Break
11:00 - 11:45   Tiago Fonseca (World Maritime University), Francisco Lima (Universidade de Lisboa), Sonia C. Pereira (Barnard College)
  "Job Polarization, Technological Change and Routinization: Evidence for Portugal"
11:45 - 12:30   Giannina Vaccaro (University of California, Irvine)
  "The Role of Literacy and Numeracy Skills Across Gender and Countries"
12:30 - 13:15   Lunch
13:15 - 14:15   John P. Martin (University College Dublin and IZA)
  "Skills for the 21st Century: Findings and Policy Lessons from the OECD Survey of Adult Skills"
14:15 - 15:00   Mark Loewenstein (US Bureau of Labor Statistics), Matt Dey (US Bureau of Labor Statistics)
  "On Job Requirements, Skill and Wages"
15:00 - 15:30   Coffee Break
15:30 - 16:15   Presentation via Skype:
        Alice Klynge (Copenhagen Business School )
  "Changes over Time in the Returns to Creativity, Communication and Other Socio-Emotional Abilities"
16:15 - 17:00   Anne Hilger (Paris School of Economics)
  "Using Self-Assessments and Observations to Capture Non-Cognitive Skills: Insights from a Skills Training Program in Mozambique"
19:00 - 21:00   Dinner

Friday, April 27:

09:00 - 09:45   Elliott Ash (University of Warwick), W. Bentley MacLeod (Columbia University and IZA)
  "Aging, Retirement and High-Skill Work Performance: The Case of State Supreme Court Judges"
09:45 - 10:30   Oliver Falck (Ifo Institute for Economic Research), Alexandra Heimisch (Ifo Institute for Economic Research), Simon Wiederhold (Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt)
  "Returns to ICT Skills"
10:30 - 11:00   Coffee Break
11:00 - 11:45   Miguel Sarzosa (Purdue University), Pablo Acosta (World Bank and IZA), Noël Muller (World Bank)
  "Beyond Qualifications: Returns to Cognitive and Socioemotional Skills in Colombia"
11:45 - 12:30   Peter Leighton (Institute for Fiscal Studies, London)
  "Intelligence, Work Ethic or Personality? The Labor Market Returns to Cognitive and Noncognitive Skills in Latin America"
12:30 - 13:30   Lunch
13:30 - 14:15   Hani Mansour (University of Colorado Denver and IZA), Peter J. Kuhn (University of California, Santa Barbara and IZA), Philip Luck (University of Colorado Denver)
  "Offshoring and Skills Demand"
14:15 - 15:00   Kai Liu (University of Cambridge and IZA), Pedro Carneiro (UCL), Kjell G. Salvanes (Norwegian School of Economics and IZA)
  "The Supply of Skills and Endogenous Technical Change: Evidence From a College Expansion Reform"
15:00 - 15:30   Concluding Remarks