Call for Papers


IZA-EBRD International Conference on:

Labor Market Dynamics, the Role of Institutions and Internal Labor Markets in Transition and Emerging Market Economies

Place:University of Bologna, Italy
Date:May 5-7, 2005
Organizers:Simon Commander, Hartmut Lehmann, Katherine Terrell
Submission Deadline:December 1, 2004
Event Schedule:
Thu, May 5: Welcome Dinner 20:00
Fri, May 6: Conference starts at 9:00
Sat, May 7: Conference
Sun, May 8: Conference ends at 13:00


Well functioning labor markets are crucial to the adjustment process required of economies as they are battered with shocks from globalization, technology, etc. Which economic policies and institutions play a positive role in assisting the responsiveness of the labor market to these shocks while minimizing unemployment? Which factors make some institutions/policies work in some settings and not in others? How are internal labor markets structured in large firms in these economies and how do these structures facilitate/impede the adjustment process? The goal of this two-day conference is to bring together leading international researchers to discuss experiences with the interplay of labor market policies/institutions and reforms in transition and emerging market economies. We invite submissions on any topic (e.g., labor market flexibility and deregulation, the impact of globalization on labor reallocation and income distribution, employment and wage policies within firms, determinants and dynamics of informal sector employment, unemployment and labor market policies).


It is expected that 16 papers will be presented over two days, 50 minutes per paper including discussants' comments. To participate, we invite you to send us a copy and abstract of your paper and/or indicate your willingness to discuss two papers. Please use our online application form!

Submissions should reach us no later than December 1, 2004. Acceptance decisions will be communicated by February 1, 2005.

Papers will be selected by a committee comprised of:
Simon Commander, London Business School, EBRD and IZA
Hartmut Lehmann, University of Bologna and IZA
Paolo Onofri, University of Bologna
Jan Svejnar, University of Michigan and IZA
Katherine Terrell, University of Michigan and IZA


Participants will be reimbursed for a return journey to the conference, subsistence and accommodation, in accordance with IZA standard guidelines.


Ticke Maurer
Project Manager
Schaumburg-Lippe-Str. 7-9
53113 Bonn


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