Call for Papers


IZA Topic Week: Nonmarket Time in Economics

Organizers: Ana Rute Cardoso (IAE Barcelona (CSIC) and IZA), Daniel S. Hamermesh (University of Texas at Austin and IZA)
Location:IZA, Bonn
Date:May 30 - June 02, 2007

Submission Deadline:September 25, 2006
Notification of Acceptance:October 15, 2006
Final Papers Due:May 04, 2007


May 30, 2007: Presentation of seven papers
May 31/June 1, 2007: Informal discussion - one luncheon talk each day
June 2, 2007: Presentation of seven papers

Overall Purpose

The overall purpose of the Topic Week is to encourage people who are studying economic problems that might be addressed using time-diary data to interact, aid each other in their research and generate useful collaborations. It is essential to go beyond the work/leisure distinction and to recognize the variety of non-work activities and their non-separability from market work. To some extent this Topic Week follows up the Time-Use Network that met in 2003. It is necessitated by the burgeoning availability of time-use data on both sides of the Atlantic, including the European Harmonized Surveys and the American Time Use Survey. This growth has made the possibility of fruitful research and the potential gains from such a meeting far greater than they were even four years ago. Any project that develops and/or tests economic ideas on non-market behaviour using time-diary data is welcome. We encourage the use of data from several countries to test/illustrate an economic idea. Also welcomed are attempts to generate and test economic explanations of well-known differences by gender and ethnicity in patterns of and secular changes in time use. We expect to have 20 participants in the Topic Week, consisting of a mix of junior and senior researchers.

We expect participants will commit to being present during the entire four days of the Topic Week, as the informal interactions among the participants are at least as important in generating new research as are the presentations of existing papers.

Possible Topics

Anything that falls under the general theme listed above will be considered. Without limiting papers, some specific rubrics under which submissions might fall are:
1. Incentive effects on non-market time use.
2. Measuring the value of household activities, aimed at improving the inputs into national accounts.
3. The economic determinants of holiday/vacation time and the use of holiday time.
4. Effect of tax/transfer systems on non-market activities.
5. Changes in time use in the process of economic development and in the transition to market-based economies.
6. Time use, health and well-being.
7. Household production—the integration of time and goods.

Additional Notes

1. Only abstracts need be submitted.
2. The paper on which the abstract is based cannot yet have been submitted for publication. Our purpose is to exchange and generate comments on on-going research, not to provide a forum for completed papers that have been circulating for a substantial period of time.
3. No edited volume based on the papers presented in the Topic Week or developed during the Week is planned.
4. Abstracts must be received by September 18, 2006. Participants will be notified by October 15, 2006, if they are accepted for the Topic Week.
5. Authors of accepted abstracts must send electronically a complete paper to IZA by May 4, 2007.
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The organizers are grateful to the Thyssen Foundation for financial support.