Call for Papers


"Women and the Labor Market in Europe"

Place: IZA, Bonn, Germany
Date: December 10-11, 2004
Organizers: Kenneth Troske (University of Missouri-Columbia and IZA), Gerard A. Pfann (University of Maastricht and IZA) and Ana Rute Cardoso (IZA)
Deadline: October 15, 2004

Aim of the Conference

Recent decades have seen a significant increase in the participation of women in the labor market in a number of European countries. As a result there have been a growing number of papers examining these changes within countries. However, there have been many fewer papers examining the significant differences in the labor force participation rate of women across countries within Europe. There have also been relatively few papers examining related issues such as differential investment in human capital between men and women, employer and occupational segregation, and the allocation of resources within the family. The goal of this workshop is to examine a much wider set of issues concerning women and the labor market as well as some of the possible explanations for the cross-country differences in women’s behavior.
While we are interested in papers examining traditional subjects as the gender wage gap, changes in female labor force participation, and gender segregation we are also interested in papers examining issues such as gender differences in the return on human capital investment, the effect of childcare and other costs on labor force participation, how changes in the labor force status of women affects bargaining within the family, the dynamics of marriage/cohabitation and fertility, as well as the extent of poverty among female headed families. We are particularly interested in empirical papers that exploit micro-datasets from different countries in Europe to examine how different institutions affect women, as well as papers exploiting within country to examine how the state of women has evolved over time.
Please use the online application form to submit your paper or abstract (a draft of a paper is preferred but abstracts will also be considered) until October 15, 2004. It is expected that 10 papers will be presented over 2 days, 1 hour per paper including discussants’ comments.
Ticke Maurer
Project Manager
Schaumburg-Lippe-Str. 7-9
53113 Bonn
Travel expenses and accommodation will be covered according to IZA travel guidelines