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First IZA Workshop: Climate Change and Labor Markets

Organizers: Andrew J. Oswald (University of Warwick and IZA), Olivier Deschenes (University of California, Santa Barbara and IZA), Nico Pestel (IZA)
Date:July 05, 2021 - July 05, 2021

Event Manager:

Dominik Spitza (IZA)

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+++ presentation: 10 min +++ Q&A: 15 min +++

Monday, July 05:

17:00 - 17:10   Welcome

Andrew J. Oswald (University of Warwick and IZA)
Olivier Deschenes (University of California, Santa Barbara and IZA)
Nico Pestel (IZA)

17:10 - 17:25   Lord Nicholas Stern (London School of Economics)
  "Changing Climate, Changing Economics"
        Session A
  Chair: Andrew J. Oswald (University of Warwick and IZA)
17:25 - 17:35   Camilo Bohorquez-Penuela (Central Bank of Colombia), Andrea Otero-Cortes (Central Bank of Colombia )
  "Blame it on the Rain: The Effects of Weather Shocks on Formal Rural Employment in Colombia"
17:35 - 17:45   Mamello Nchake (National University of Lesotho), Ramaele Moshoeshoe (National University of Lesotho), Luca Tiberti (Laval University)
  "The Effect of Weather Shocks on Women’s Labor Supply and the Income of Women-Headed Households in Lesotho"
17:45 - 17:55   Jeanne Tschopp (University of Bern), Angelique Bernabe (Ryerson University), Boubacar Diop (University of Sherbrooke), Martino Pelli (University of Sherbrooke)
  "Childhood Exposure to Storms and Long-Term Educational Attainments in India"
17:55 - 18:10   Q&A
18:10 - 18:12   Break
        Session B
  Chair: Nico Pestel (IZA)
18:12 - 18:22   Fernanda Martínez Flores (RWI and IZA), Sveta Milusheva (World Bank), Arndt Reichert (Leibniz University Hannover)
  "Climate Anomalies and International Migration: A Disaggregated Analysis for West Africa"
18:22 - 18:32   Andrea Velasquez (University of Colorado Denver), Ana Maria Ibáñez (Inter-American Development Bank), Jimena Romero (Inter-American Development Bank), Andrea Velasquez (University of Colorado Denver)
  "Temperature Shocks, Labor Markets and Migratory Decisions in El Salvador"
18:32 - 18:42   Tyler Ransom (University of Oklahoma and IZA), Christos Makridis (MIT)
  "Beating the Heat: Temperature and Spatial Reallocation over the Short and Long-Run"
18:42 - 18:57   Q&A
18:57 - 19:02   Break
        Session C
  Chair: Olivier Deschenes (University of California, Santa Barbara and IZA)
19:02 - 19:12   Wensu Li (University of Connecticut)
  "Is Working at Home a Way of Adaptation to Climate Change?"
19:12 - 19:22   Jeffrey G. Shrader (Columbia University), Mitch Downey (Stockholm University), Nelson Lind (Emory University)
  "Adjusting to Rain Before it Falls"
19:22 - 19:32   Nikolai Cook (Wilfrid Laurier University)
  "Climate Risk, Performance, and Human Capital: Evidence From 100-Year Floods"
19:32 - 19:47   Q&A
19:47 - 19:57   Closing Remarks