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IDSC of IZA Workshop: Matching Workers and Jobs Online - New Developments and Opportunities for Social Science and Practice

Organizers: Nikos Askitas (IZA), Peter J. Kuhn (University of California, Santa Barbara and IZA)
Location:Schaumburg-Lippe-Str. 9. 53113 Bonn
Date:September 21, 2018 - September 22, 2018

Event Manager:

Dominik Spitza (IZA)


+++ presentation: 25 min +++ floor discussion: 5 min +++

Friday, September 21:

08:30 - 09:00   Registration
09:00 - 09:10   Welcome Remarks
09:10 - 10:10   Keynote I
    Michèle Belot (European University Institute and IZA), Philipp Kircher (European university Institute), Paul Muller (University of Gothenburg)
  "Providing Advice to Job Seekers at Low Cost: An Experimental Study on On-Line Advice"
10:10 - 10:40   Thomas Le Barbanchon (Bocconi University and IZA), Lena Hensvik (IFAU), Roland Rathelot (Warwick)
  "Broadening Job Search Using Online Recommender Systems"
10:40 - 11:10   Coffee Break
11:10 - 11:40   Sekyu Choi (University of Bristol), Stefano Banfi (Ministry of Energy, Chile), Benjamin Villena-Roldan (University of Chile, CEA)
  "Deconstructing Job Search Behavior"
11:40 - 12:10   Martha Gimbel (Indeed Hiring Lab), Tara M. Sinclair (The George Washington University)
  "Online Labor Market Mismatch"
12:10 - 13:10   Lunch
13:10 - 14:10   Keynote II
    Steven J. Davis (University of Chicago), Brenda Samaniego de la Parra (University of California, Santa Cruz)
  "Application Flows"
14:10 - 14:40   Claudia Macaluso (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Brad Hershbein (W E Upjohn Institute)
  "Labor Market Concentration and the Demand for Skills"
14:40 - 15:10   Robert Mahlstedt (University of Copenhagen and IZA), Steffen Altmann (University of Copenhagen), Sofie Cairo (University of Copenhagen), Robert Mahlstedt (University of Copenhagen), Alexander Sebald (University of Copenhagen)
  "Complexity and the Effectiveness of Public Policy"
15:10 - 15:40   Coffee Break
15:40 - 16:10   Pedro S. Martins (Queen Mary, University of London and IZA)
  "Clicking towards Mozambique's New Jobs"
16:10 - 16:40   Abhinav Maurya (Carnegie Mellon University), Rahul Telang (Carnegie Mellon University)
  "Bayesian Multi-View Models for Member-Job Matching and Personalized Skill Recommendations"
19:00       Dinner

Saturday, September 22:

09:00 - 10:00   Keynote III
    John Horton (New York University), Ramesh Johari (Stanford University)
  "Engineering a Separating Equilibrium "
10:00 - 10:30   Paul Oyer (Stanford University and IZA), Yichen Su (Stanford University and Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas)
  "The Value of Commuting Time and Efficient Job Assignment in the Gig Economy"
10:30 - 11:00   Coffee Break
11:00 - 11:30   Bobby Pakzad-Hurson (Brown University), Zoe Cullen (Harvard University), John Eric Humphries (Yale University)
  "Gender and Sorting in the On-Demand Economy"
11:30 - 12:00   Stefan Pasch (Goethe University Frankfurt)
  "Corporate Culture and Industry-Fit: A Text Mining Approach"
12:00 - 12:30   Emilie Rademakers (KU Leuven), Maarten Goos (Utrecht University), Anna Salomons (Utrecht University), Bert Willekens (University of Leuven)
  "The Impact of Automation on the Unemployed"
12:30 - 13:30   Lunch
13:30 - 14:00   Keynote IV
    Kristine Lena Keveloh (LinkedIn)
  "-- to be announced --"
14:00 - 14:30   Bledi Taska (Burning Glass Technologies), José Azar (Universidad de Navarra), Ioana E. Marinescu (University of Pennsylvania and IZA), Marshall Steinbaum (Roosevelt Institute)
  "Concentration in US Labor Markets: Evidence From Online Vacancy Data"
14:30 - 15:00   Benjamin Villena-Roldan (University of Chile), Stefano Banfi (Ministry of Energy, Chile), Sekyu Choi (University of Bristol)
  "Sorting on-line and on-time"
15:00 - 15:30   Coffee Break
15:30 - 16:00   Qian Weng (Renmin University of China), Haoran He (Beijing Normal University), David Neumark (University of California-Irvine )
  "Workers’ Valuation of Workplace Flexibility: A Field Experiment "
16:00       Closing Remarks